About All.is.on, the painter

I find walking, sketching and taking photographs gives me great pleasure and gives me a well balanced equilibrium; in other words, happiness.

I love creating the art and spend hours appreciating the journey in development. I am fortunate to live by the ever changing sea and nearby the majestical Sussex Downs. I travel throughout Europe and the United Kingdom for inspiration, often walking for miles to find that moment of inspiration.

Many moments are literally on my doorstep. I recommend standing still, looking up and around and breathing in the atmosphere. You start to see things in different ways. It’s good for your soul.

I hope you enjoy what you see and you feel the emotion and special moments captured in the art. My aim is to create art that inspires and gives the viewer happiness.

Along Brighton Beach. Oil on canvas 30cms by 20cms Sold Commissions undertaken

About All.is.on, the Printmaker

To help explore the emotion of the scenes I have sketched, I create relief prints at Bip Art, an Open access print making community, in Kemp Town, Hove. This is a supportive community providing workshops and facilities for printmakers. I am a member of Kemp Town Artists. Kemptownartists.org.uk

Creating relief prints is always a surprise. You can never really predict how the carving tools will react with the wood grain, how the inks will react with the wood, how the ink colours will blend and what the pressure of the Columbian will produce. It’s a surprise every time. I limit the print images in a run to 10. Each one is different and therefore, gives an unique art work, which is inexpensive and easy to frame in A3 frames.

At Bip-art, I frequently work on the Columbian Press to create relief prints of scenes that I have sketched from the many walks. Often, these wood reliefs influence the oil paintings which follow.

Review of Recent Events and forthcoming ones…..

In 2019, I was delighted to exhibit at the Artist Open Houses and the Grey Walls Gallery. It was a deep pleasure to have many fellow artists like my work and then invite me to exhibit with them. I have successfully sold oil paintings and wood reliefs and many are in new homes around Brighton and Hove and in new homes in Oxford, Yorkshire and Venezuela. It’s amazing how art speaks to the world.

The highlight of the May Open Houses 2019 was being nominated for Best Open House and for Creative Celebration.

Next Events…… Regularly, I’m at the monthly Brighton Craft Fair, Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton.

Intending to do May Open Houses 2020 and Grey Walls Gallery, Brighton Marina, September 2020.

I will update Twitter @All_is_on_Art and Instagram All.is.on.art. giving updates on events and developments in my art journey.


I make a range of art cards. Each is individual, either A5 or A4. They can be easily framed providing a lovely gift or present for yourself. The price ranges from £2.50 to £5.00.

Each work of art is priced on materials used and the time it has taken. An oil painting can take several months.

The wood relief prints are A3 size and range from £35 to £60 depending on the processes used, such as chin colle, and whether framed or not. With the new studio, I’m able to do smaller sizes at £12 to £25.

The acrylic paintings range from £55 to £140 again depending on size and if framed. (High quality frames made specifically for the painting.)

The oil paintings range from £85 to £150 again depending on size. An oil on canvas 30cms by 20cms is priced at £85, even if taken over a year to do! And it takes nearly two years to dry.

I am trying to create art at a reasonable price as I believe art should be affordable to all.

Twitter: all_is_on_art

Email: rydonallison@icloud.com

Instagram: all.is.on.art

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