So shall I take the next step…..

With learning different painting and printing techniques and enjoying this leisurely retirement…(early I must add), I’m wondering if I should take the next step, of being a more serious artist.

What does that mean? I paint, print and experiment most weeks. And I take this seriously. However, I’m beginning to sell a few pieces so should I take that leap into selling on a more regular basis. There are a few factors to consider….

1. I don’t want to be a slave to it. I want to enjoy the leisure and allow the creativity to flow. At the moment, I can paint or print when I want. At the moment, it’s a hobby.

2. If I am selling, what costs do I need to cover…at the moment I cover costs and have not ( perhaps stupidly) consider making profit. I cover costs and have paid for a few courses but nothing more. After all, it’s a hobby. However, that human inner notion of ambition is rising.

3. If I start earning…the tax has to be considered…… I have looked into it and if I go for it I will need to register. That’s serious but I want to be above board, and ensure the work I do is still a reasonable cost for the admirer.

4. Going to think about it this week……a leap needs to be considered….

How I started…..

I wanted to study art. However, growing up in Yorkshire in the miners’ strike you didn’t do that! You had to have a sensible job. At 16, my careers teacher, (you had one then), didn’t think girls should be thinking outside of the area. He thought I could be a hairdresser. Really, with eczema! He suggested nursing. My parents were both nurses and it was not for me. I had heard enough about hospital dramas over the dinner table. It was like an oral Casualty every night!

I stayed in the sixth form and studied the sensible subjects eg English. It came in useful. I taught it for over 30 years but art was inside me. Luckily, I sketched and built stage sets. Art on a huge scale. I enjoyed creating Deadwood, Fagin’s den and a Beauty School. I found ways of creating art links in my lessons. Art in religion, set designs, creating masks, reading pictures, links to poetry, media studies to name but a few. Again, I was lucky when I filled in timetable gaps teaching art. That went well and then I continued.

Teaching art kept me sane.