So shall I take the next step…..

With learning different painting and printing techniques and enjoying this leisurely retirement…(early I must add), I’m wondering if I should take the next step, of being a more serious artist.

What does that mean? I paint, print and experiment most weeks. And I take this seriously. However, I’m beginning to sell a few pieces so should I take that leap into selling on a more regular basis. There are a few factors to consider….

1. I don’t want to be a slave to it. I want to enjoy the leisure and allow the creativity to flow. At the moment, I can paint or print when I want. At the moment, it’s a hobby.

2. If I am selling, what costs do I need to cover…at the moment I cover costs and have not ( perhaps stupidly) consider making profit. I cover costs and have paid for a few courses but nothing more. After all, it’s a hobby. However, that human inner notion of ambition is rising.

3. If I start earning…the tax has to be considered…… I have looked into it and if I go for it I will need to register. That’s serious but I want to be above board, and ensure the work I do is still a reasonable cost for the admirer.

4. Going to think about it this week……a leap needs to be considered….

Published by allisonart22

Sussex Artist creating work in oils and wood relief prints. Inspired by nature and travels to capture the magical moments that last a life time. Masters in Education, taught art, English, Drama and RE. I believe that spiritual understanding can be enhanced through the arts.

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