About All.is.on.

Hello and welcome. I’m All.is.on. a nickname that’s apt for me as I’m always busy, whether as an artist now or previously as a teacher and Headteacher. I love meeting people to discuss my work and I’m an active member of the Artist Open Houses in Brighton and Hove. I get asked a lot of questions so I’ve complied the 10 questions I get asked the most so you can get a feel about me and understand what inspires me to create art for you.

When did I know I wanted to be an artist? 16 years

Why didn’t you follow your dream then? Unemployment was rife. Parents told me I needed a secure job. So, I became a teacher in the Arts: Literature, Drama and Art.

Did you give up on your dream? No. I kept being creative quietly at home and publicly through school teaching art and creating numerous set designs.

When did you become an artist full time? In my 50s.

Why then? Ironically, when I faced redundancy due to restricting in the Local education authority. I had fulfilled my dream of being a Headteacher after life threatening breast cancer and the redundancy gave me the opportunity to build my own studio and develop as an artist.more about yourself.

Where do you work? For larger wood reliefs I use a Columbian Press at Bip-Art in Kemptown, Brighton. Paintings, smaller relief work and card making I create in my garden studio. Ideas and sketches are produced on location, looking at hillsides, water and aspects of nature.

Have you had formal training? Lots of art lessons from practising artists, workshops and taught myself. I have several qualifications and degrees and lots of life experiences. The beauty of the world has kept me sane throughout.

Why do you create your work? Keeps me sane. Brings joy to me and inner peace. Love hearing how people feel about my work and how it brings joy to them also.

Where can I buy your work?

Artist Open Houses in Brighton and Hove. May and December.

Brighton Craft Fair, Friends’ Meeting House, Ship Street most months on the final Saturday.

Grey Walls Gallery as part of the Kemptown Artist Group Annual Exhibition in late Summer.

On this site.

Do you take commissions? Yes, I do. Please email me rydonallison@icloud.com or DM on my Instagram account to start a conversation on size, materials, colours and composition. I believe this is an enjoyable process and will take several weeks or months of work which you will be fully involved. Cost will be approximately £100 for a small oil painting, 30cms by 25cms and £65 for a wood relief 30cms by 25cms.

Studio work area
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